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Reliable outsourced telecom compliance that can grow and evolve with your company without creating undue risks and future exposure.

Path to FCC Compliance for $600/month
Telecom Compliance + Tax Engine Software License for $700/month

Quality Telecom Compliance You Can Afford

Our small provider solution combines the following critical compliance elements, all for $600 per month:
Telecom Compliance Management – Small Provider Solution
Affordable. Accurate. Flexible.

SIDEBAR: (Companies with less than $120,000 per year in telecom revenue may wish to explore the Carrier of Record service delivery model.)

Investing in compliance when you’re small means your foundation is strong, the fees are modest, and your team is aligned with managing compliance for predictable budgeting.
Early adoption helps your team easily identify risk and either avoid or intelligently manage compliance obstacles as you grow.

Telecom Compliance Management – Small Provider Solution

For companies with VoIP/telecom revenue less than $300,000 per year.


Why Choose The Commpliance Group?
Our experienced consultants provide training and filing assistance to ensure you are in compliance. Our affiliation with one of the leading telecom law firms positions us on the cutting edge of industry regulations so we can support our clients’ proactive risk management approach.


If and when the accumulated taxes or fees exceed the risk tolerance threshold you establish, then pricing for services are as follows:

There are limited exceptions to the above standard pricing.